Recruiting outstanding talent is the goal of every talent acquisition team. In today’s market, however, recruiting exceptional talent is becoming more challenging. As a result of the pandemic, those still employed are reluctant to leave. Those searching for new positions are subject to bidding wars. 


Fintech SMEs, for example, have a hard time finding enough staff with the right skills. Your business may be able to make them a great offer or even exceed their expectations. Nevertheless, that is unlikely to be enough to convince these candidates to work for you. In a skills shortage, how can you recruit the best candidates for your Fintech start-up? 

Job Offers that Stand Out 

Fintech is a competitive market, which means that every hire matters and can make or break your organization. Because budgets are a concern for many businesses, you need to present jobs strategically to potential candidates. Do not list duties in the advertisement. Employers need to know which type of candidate best suits their business. To get a candidate’s attention, it’s a sound idea to have a well-written job ad that outlines both the qualities he or she must possess and what you can offer them. 

Bring Attention to the Brand of Your Employer 

Candidates want to know what it’s like to work for the company before accepting a job offer. You will save time if you recruit candidates whose values and work styles align with yours, as you will not waste time on candidates whose profiles don’t fit your needs. But the reverse is also true. Anyone who doesn’t like what they see is likely to remove themselves from consideration.  

Enhance Retention by Retaining Talent

Retaining talent is an imperative aspect of acquiring talent. It is highly connected and compact. It is possible for a dissatisfied employee to negatively impact the recruitment of new talent. Consequently, if you aim to recruit successfully for your Fintech SME, you will have to ensure that retaining talent is a top priority.        

Reputable Immigration Lawyer for Fintech Companies in SA

SME or startup businesses can be crippled by high turnover rates. No matter how big or small your company is, it’s essential that you don’t hire the wrong people. You can acquire talent through referrals, former colleagues, and connections with advantageous contacts. If you hire a bad employee, scaling and growing your business can take a long time. 


Using the services of Immigration Lawyers for Fintech companies is therefore imperative. They can provide insight into candidates’ behaviour, hiring trends, and how to attract highly qualified candidates. They can also assist with the visa application process. The best part is that you won’t have to pay a dime until the job is placed.