While Clarence is undeniably a popular spot for short getaways and weekend breaks, there’s a segment of visitors who wish to immerse themselves deeper, staying for extended periods. Be it for work, leisure, or even artistic pursuits, Clarence’s charm often entices guests to extend their stays. But finding the right long-term accommodation is crucial. Enter, ensuring that your long sojourn feels just like home.

Why Consider Long-Term Accommodation in Clarence?

  1. Nature’s Retreat: The scenic beauty of Clarence provides an ideal backdrop for extended relaxation, sabbaticals, or even writing that book you’ve always dreamt of.
  2. Cultural Immersion: A longer stay allows guests to truly become part of the community, attending local events, and understanding Clarence’s unique culture.
  3. Economic Viability: Often, long-term stays come with discounted rates compared to daily tariffs, ensuring more value for money.

Why Choose Clarens Eddies for Your Extended Stay?

1. Fully-Equipped Units: Understanding the needs of long-term guests, offers units with kitchenettes and other necessary amenities, ensuring a hassle-free stay where guests can maintain their usual routines.

2. Home-Like Ambiance: The ambiance at Clarens Eddies is warm and welcoming, allowing guests to easily settle in. The cozy interiors combined with modern facilities make for a comfortable extended stay.

3. Prime Location: The advantage of staying in the heart of Clarence means easy access to essential services – be it grocery stores, pharmacies, or local markets. Clarens Eddies is strategically located to ensure convenience for its guests.

4. Customized Service: The staff at Clarens Eddies understand that long-term guests might have specific requirements. Be it weekly cleaning, laundry services, or even customized meal plans, they’re always ready to accommodate.

5. Community Integration: Being a staple in Clarence’s accommodation landscape, Clarens Eddies can guide guests towards community events, workshops, and gatherings, ensuring they feel integrated and connected.

Hear It From The Extended Stay Guests:

Anita, a novelist from Cape Town shares, “I came to Clarence for inspiration and found a home at Clarens Eddies. The three months I spent here were productive, comfortable, and truly delightful.”

David, on a work sabbatical, notes, “The serene environment of Clarence combined with the impeccable service at Clarens Eddies made my extended stay worthwhile. It was the perfect blend of work and relaxation.”


Long-term stays require more than just a room – they demand an environment that feels like home, combined with the facilities that make extended living comfortable. Clarens Eddies, as highlighted by, emerges as a top choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, convenience, and a touch of Clarence’s authentic charm. So, if you’re considering an extended stay in this picturesque town, you know where to knock.

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