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If you’re in the market for a steady supply of quality workwear clothing, then Totalguard is your one-stop-shop when it comes to buying workwear clothing online.

Whether you have a large or small workforce, being able to shop online for workwear clothing from the comfort of your office, with all the correct sizes on hand, couldn’t be easier than it is at Totalguard Workwear.

As a long-time supplier and distributor of the toughest technical workwear and PPE in South Africa, Totalguard is a trusted supplier to industry, in both the government and private sectors, earning a reputation for the supply of workwear clothing of an uncompromising quality.

Totalguard is also the central hub for security workwear clothing and tactical gear, ensuring that your security team is kept safe from head to toe, projecting the right professional image to keep you on top of your industry.

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Aside from the fact that you’ll be purchasing workwear clothing from a reliable source, you’ll find that the team at Totalguard works hard to offer regular workwear clothing promotions and specials, all of which is designed to offer you unbeatable value.

Every business, no matter how big or small, has had to tighten the belt when it comes to budgets, and if providing your workforce with PPE and the toughest workwear clothing around is essential to the operation of your industry, you’ll find that Totalguard Workwear makes meeting this need easier on the budget.

Providing your workforce with the appropriate workwear clothing

If yours is a corporate or retail environment that requires your staff to present a uniform look to match the image of your business, you’ll find all you need to suit this image at Totalguard Workwear.

Their unisex range of T-shirts, polo shirts and formal shirts combine perfectly with jeans or trousers to meet your workwear clothing needs. Add jerseys and jackets into the mix and you’ve got all you need to help your staff to project a uniform look to suit your industry.

Safety workwear, security workwear and tactical gear are essentials for sectors in which your workforce needs the right workwear to keep them safe, whether in the security industry, on a construction site or in a manufacturing plant.

There are a variety of health and safety risks that come with different industries, and as an employer, it is expected of you to ensure that your workforce has the right workwear clothing to keep them safe at work.

In fact, the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 makes it a requirement for an employer to protect the health and safety of workers, according to their work environment, which if ignored, can lead to fines and even the closure of business, until these conditions are met.

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