Understanding Private Investigators: Reasons a PI Might Be Following You

Often depicted in films and television shows, private investigators (PIs) are skilled professionals who gather facts and analyze information about legal, financial, and personal matters. They offer many services such as verifying people’s backgrounds, finding missing persons, investigating computer crimes, and yes, surveillance or ‘following’ individuals. But why would a PI be following you? At King Investigators, we aim to demystify the work of private investigators and explain some of the reasons why you might be under investigation.

Legal Investigations

In many cases, a PI might follow you as part of a legal investigation. This could be related to a lawsuit where your actions or whereabouts are relevant to the case. For example, if you’re involved in a personal injury claim and there’s suspicion about the severity of your injuries, a PI might be hired to ensure the claim is legitimate.

Domestic Issues

PIs often work on cases involving family law or domestic issues. If you’re going through a divorce or custody battle, your ex-spouse might hire a PI to gather evidence. This could involve monitoring your behavior, proving cohabitation, or assessing how you interact with your children.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies sometimes hire PIs to investigate claims that seem suspicious. If you’ve filed an insurance claim, particularly related to injuries, a PI might be hired to ensure that the claim is genuine and not fraudulent. They might follow you to observe your daily activities and determine if your behavior aligns with the injuries you’ve reported.

Employee Monitoring

Employers might hire a PI to ensure that employees are not engaging in misconduct or fraudulent activities. This could include tracking an employee suspected of worker’s compensation fraud or spying on an employee who may be sharing trade secrets with competitors.

Debt Recovery

If you owe a significant debt and have been elusive with the creditor, they might hire a PI to locate you and gather information about your assets. This generally happens when the debtor has defaulted on payments or disappeared without settling their debts.

Personal Protection

Less commonly, but sometimes, a PI might follow you for protective surveillance. If someone is worried about your safety, they might hire a PI to keep an eye on you and ensure your wellbeing. This is often done when there’s concern about possible threats or harm.


There could be various reasons a private investigator might be following you, often tied to legal cases, insurance matters, domestic issues, or concerns about your safety. However, remember that private investigators must abide by the law and respect privacy rights. They cannot trespass on private property, wiretap phones without consent, or engage in harassment.

At King Investigators, we believe in transparency, professionalism, and the law’s adherence. If you suspect a PI is following you and it’s causing distress, it’s often best to consult with a legal professional. If you need investigative services conducted ethically and professionally, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.