• German economy criticizes penal tariff plans of the US government

    The US government’s plan to impose heavy punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is met with incomprehension by German business representatives. “This shows that the friendly pose Trumps at the World Economic Meeting in Davos was nothing but a marketing gimmick,” says Michael Hüther, director of the employer-oriented Institute of German Business in Cologne, […]

  • Finance managers demand more support for Frankfurt

    In the battle for succession to London as Europe’s financial metropolis, German politicians and managers are demanding significantly more support from the German government for Frankfurt. “Berlin must finally wake up now”, demands Harald Christ, member of the board of the SPD economic forum and even finance manager, according to a report of the “Welt […]

  • Federal Government sees “no basis” for US tariffs on steel

    In the dispute over steel and aluminum exports to the US, the German government is resolutely resisting allegations from Washington. “We do not share the view that European or even German steel imports could threaten US national security,” said Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Brigitte Zypries (SPD) of the “Welt am Sonntag” (18 February 2018). […]

  • Amok Survivors About Trump – “Be ashamed!”

    A young survivor scourges US President Trump’s proximity to the gun lobby after the Florida school massacre. The 18-year-old accuses Trump of having been bought by millions from the US arms lobby. After the school massacre in Florida, a young survivor in an angry speech has condemned the handling of US President Donald Trump by […]

  • Favorite cybercriminals: This cryptocurrency is the most popular on the dark web

    A common argument put forward by Bitcoin critics is its potential use in the cybercriminal environment. The world’s largest cryptocurrency in this area has long ago expired another cyber-devise. Bitcoin has gained in popularity in recent months. Meanwhile, the largest cryptocurrency has made its way out of the niche into the mass market, many investors […]

Whether stock market expert or small trader

nobody has an information advantage in the foreign exchange market. Insider trading is excluded here. Trading on the stock market, on the other hand, is often characterized by manipulation by insiders, who artificially inflate prices to then short sell the securities.

Anyone interested in Forex trading

Is well on the way. The benefits for the private trader are enormous. The risk can be controlled well, market manipulation is not possible with the huge daily trading volume and gaps (price gaps) knows the foreign.

The only currencies

That are now traded at the weekend are cryptocurrencies. Foreign exchange is therefore also ideal for holding overnight positions, which is already more difficult when trading indices and is only conditionally recommended for the trading of individual securities

Forex trading is a dynamic business.

The exchange rates are constantly in motion and are influenced by a variety of factors. This website is supposed to be a helpful support for all budding forex traders who want to successfully trade in foreign exchange and make a lot of money with it.

Is trading in foreign exchange not riskier than stock trading?

Foreign exchange trading is no riskier than trading in stocks or other financial instruments. On the contrary, due to the often clean technical market and the barely occurring gaps, it is considered to be particularly easy to trade.

 Like every business and profession

You also have to practice forex trading from the start. So that we do not burn any real money, we use a demo account for the beginning and practice with virtual money. No master has fallen from the sky, so we have to deal with the technical analysis.

Learn currency trading

In order to learn currency trading, we recommend the following measures: Reading the bestsellers of German trading literature. Subscribe to our YouTube channel with numerous introductory videos and video tutorials on trading Subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date.

Is there enough movement in the foreign exchange market to make enough money?

Yes, foreign exchange moves well enough to earn money or even money. The foreign exchange market is extremely liquid and therefore more suitable for beginners than the trading of commodities or indices. Due in part to the pronounced and long-lasting trend phases, foreign exchange is also quite popular with hedge funds. Since one can leverage his trades accordingly, in sluggish currency pairs only a few pips are sufficient to achieve an acceptable profit. All a question of the right money management.


How much starting capital do I need as a beginner?

Some forex brokers allow you to get started with only a few euros or dollars. The cheapest provider in our broker comparison, for example, only requires a deposit of $ 100. With that you can practice, but be aware that this sum is never enough to live off it. In order to act realistically, however, at least a small four-digit amount should be in the account in order to survive even draw-down phases (loss phases). Also, not all brokers offer trading in microlots, which are the smallest denominations in which a pip is worth ten cents.

If you want to trade a small account

You should definitely make sure that microlots are also available to scale your trades appropriately and to be able to operate an adequate risk and money management. 

 It should not be forgotten

May well be weeks or months when you do not earn anything or even generate losses. Therefore, it makes sense not to withdraw money from your trading account until

The position size in foreign exchange

Trading in foreign exchange is also possible for the absolute novice. The fundamentals of trading are identical in every market and can thus be learned in the foreign exchange market. The individual forex brokers offer numerous information videos, eBooks, webinars, seminars and tools, with which every beginner is clearly introduced to the topic.